Discover something new at Numero Uno Piñones. We offer several on-site water-sports activities, so you can leave with the complete Puerto Rico experience.

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Want to learn how to fly above the water like you’re on a magic carpet ride? Of course, you do! E-foiling, or hydrofoiling as it’s also called, involves a board with an underwater wing attached to it. The board then lifts off the water once you have the right speed and balance.

We offer a one-hour Efoil experience in Piñones. The session walks you through the safety basics and tips for riding with the E-foil.


Tow-in Surfing

Reach higher speeds and 3-4 times the distance than you would with a regular surfboard! Tow-in surfing is the fastest and easiest way to get up and ride the waves over and over again.

Ask us about a one-hour tow adventure in Piñones. The session includes radio communication, a jet ski set up for surfing, and all of the necessary foil and safety equipment. Rest assured that we only use the best equipment available on the market. Beginners are welcome, as we tailor every session to the customer’s needs and foil level.



Our team would love to help you improve your board skills. Regardless of your skill level, we have you covered with expert instruction and the best equipment out there.

Ask us about wakeboarding sessions during your stay!



Ride with us from Piñones for 4.5 miles down the coast to Numero Uno Beach House in Ocean Park. This is the ultimate adventure for intermediate and advanced kiteboarders and wingers!

Our team will follow in a chase boat or jet ski to ensure your safety along this journey.